Church Volunteer Agreement

B. The heads of the ministry are committed to leading a pious way of life that is accountable to the entire ecclesial community. Thank you for volunteering at Trailhead! We look forward to joining you, using your gifts and connecting with others! We know that the most effective teams are united by a common vision and clear expectations. To help you succeed, we have established the following volunteer agreement. This agreement explains what you can expect from the Trailhead Church and what is expected of you as a volunteer. You can also download this agreement as a future reference. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at Thanks again for the service! Has. Biblical standards of conduct should be maintained both in ecclesial events and in our personal and private lives, while avoiding any appearance of evil. C. Volunteers and/or families, who are always unpleasant, degrading or counterproductive, are asked to leave the situation, the volunteering field or the church, depending on the severity of the situation. D. Trailhead Church expects volunteers to pleasantly withdraw from volunteering in the event of an unresolved dispute or if for some reason a volunteer feels the need to take a break.

C. Volunteers are invited to make constructive proposals to improve the service, but are invited to do so in a polite, constructive and positive manner. Has. The Trailhead Church is run by the pastor and executive staff, not the laity. There is no vote in the community on any matter. For example, interactions with trailhead Church employees are conducted in a civil manner. Has. Volunteers are committed to seeking growth in the following ways:.

. . .

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