What Is Education Agreements

The analysis of these agreements could be one of the alternative approaches. This is a historic approach to draw attention to the accumulation of these agreements over time and the possibility that it is easier for countries to adopt new agreements than to apply old ones. The emphasis is on agreements that, for the most part, save money around the world and are not limited to countries in a given geographic region. The full text of all the agreements specifically mentioned here can be found on the websites of the United Nations and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In the General Conference polls from 30 October to 14 November 2017, Turkey was elected to the Board of Directors by 134 votes from 184 countries and will be in office between 2017 and 2021. This enables Turkey to become one of the 58 other Member States` decision-making countries and contributes to decision-making in the areas of global education, science and culture policy. The other Member States that have been elected to the board of directors of the first selection group are Finland and the Portuguese. For the period 2012-2016, 7% of the basic grant for education (approximately EUR 130 million for research universities and EUR 170 million for the UAS sector) was committed to performance agreements. The remainder of the basic IS grant continued to be based primarily on a funding formula that, since the early 1990s, already included a significant performance orientation. In 2011, the Ministry of Education set up an independent monitoring committee to monitor performance agreements, develop criteria for evaluation, monitor the progress made by the various institutions in achieving their ambitions during the contractual period and, at the end of the period (i.e. 2016) , to recommend to the Minister whether the objectives of the agreement have been achieved. If an IY has not met its agreed objectives, it may lose some of the basic subsidy for subsequent years. The Agreement on Performance Agreements was created as a political experiment.

Depending on the external assessment, performance agreements could be pursued (perhaps after some adjustments) and be incorporated into the legal provisions governing the financing of heben. At the beginning of the performance agreement process, higher education institutions agreed to use seven binding indicators that measure their ambitions in terms of educational success and quality.

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