Vas Agreement

Litigation Management In accordance with health and safety obligations. To avoid fraud. Monitor your use of our information and communication systems to ensure compliance with our global information technology guidelines and laws. Ensure the security of networks and information, including preventing unauthorized access to our computers and electronic communications systems and preventing the spread of malware. Conduct data analysis studies to verify and better understand customer satisfaction and needs. Some of the reasons mentioned above for processing overlap and there may be several reasons why we use your personal data. If you do not provide personal data If you do not provide certain information, if you do not, we may not be able to comply with the agreement we have reached with you or we will be prevented from complying with our legal obligations (for example. B to ensure health and safety or proof of nationality, e.g. B Passport) We only use your personal data if the law allows us to do so.

In most cases, we use your personal data in the following circumstances: 1. If we are to respect the agreement we have reached with you. 2. If we are to comply with a legal obligation. 3. If this is necessary for our legitimate interests (or the interests of third parties) and if your interests and fundamental rights do not put those interests out of question. 4. To the extent that you have expressly given us your consent. We can also use your personal data in the following situations, which are probably rare: 1. Where we must protect your interests (or those of another person).

(2) If necessary in the public interest or for official purposes or if the request is made by the CBI, the police or government authorities. Full Agreement – These terms of use represent the full agreement between you and us regarding the use of our website and replace any previous agreements regarding your use of this site. However, if you have entered into an end-user license agreement (“CLUE”) or a final subscription agreement (“EUSA”) with VAS, which is in conflict with these Terms of Use, this CLUE or AEE regulates the dispute. The framework provides a breakdown of items that aggregate the cost of the product and the selling prices of VAS to end-users, including the proposed weighting, which is assigned to each cost component. [31] The proposed cost allocation percentage for aggregation/distribution is 10%. [32] The percentage allocated to each cost component can be adjusted if necessary, as cost structures vary depending on the product. [33] Additional direct or general costs can also be accounted for and incorporated into the allocation formula based on mutual agreement between partners. [34] Agreed performance quotas are required to be adjusted, as far as possible, to the intended guide. [35] Trade agreements relating to the distribution of revenue between the parties to the chain must be submitted to the NCC[36] and the NCC may make adjustments in accordance with the planned directive. [37] VAS aggregators have the right to be connected with all other telecommunications licensees and are the only players currently able to have a direct physical connection with local network operators. [51] The framework provides that operators who provide access or exchange access with other licensees must sign an agreement that should be submitted to the CNC for notification before it comes into force.

[52] Any operator whose request for access to the vasal supply facility of other takers is refused or delayed by more than sixty (60) days has the right to request intervention from the NCC. [53] VAS Career Services Private Limited reserves the right not to issue a refund in accordance with our policies and in accordance with this Agreement.

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