Troy University Articulation Agreement

Transfer students are considered students who have tried to work at least 24 hours in non-developmental courses at another two- or four-year university. Students who fall into this category are not required to submit transcripts or test results to the high school. Transfer applicants obtain admission to TROY if they have a good university degree at the last university and if they have an overall average of at least 2.00 for all university or university jobs attempted. Technical and/or corrective/development work is not taken into account in determining the average grade. Applicants who, for whatever reason, have been suspended by another agency must be allowed to return to that institution before being admitted to TROY. The University of West Florida also offers MMI cadets a divider of 64 (no scholarship). If you wish to join a private or independent college in Alabama, the ACCS has entered into an articulation agreement with AAICU (AAICU). The agreement contributes to the smooth transfer of credits to private government institutions. Students at Community Colleges in Alabama are encouraged to use a STARS guide to prepare for the transfer. The guide is designed in such a way that course equivalencies for some majors can be tracked from the time they enter their Community College to the time they pass on. The existence of a current or previous articulation agreement. For certain courses and/or dates of participation, the articulation agreement itself must be reviewed to determine the time frame within which transfer courses are attempted. To request an unofficial transfer course equivalency report, please send copies of your transcripts, your current zip code and a phone number from which you can contact

Troy University is proud to be able to offer you an unofficial “FREE in 48” Report on the equivalency of your license transfer funds that you have already completed. This report allows you to see how course credits you have already earned can be transferred to Troy University. To better understand your progress towards your studies with TROY, you can check the requirements of the TROY Academic Catalog on Thousands of new Alabamas and sophomores begin their first university courses at our colleges before entering a four-year university. The smaller class sizes we offer mean more personalized attention, making it easier for you to move to the university experience. And you save money by starting with us! Courses at Alabama community colleges are less than half the cost of the same university courses you could take at a four-year university.

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