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At the same time as the pay equity process, our support staff were concluded in schools and the Kairahi i te Reo collective agreement. Teachers voted for the comparison. Then, all facilitators will vote on whether the collective agreement should be amended. NZEI Te Riu Roa members can access union support and membership policy workshops to ensure they are at the right level. This paid campaign is also relevant to administrators, kai-rahi i te reo, scientific technicians, coordinators and all other support staff. With Child Poverty Action Group, Auckland Action Against Poverty and 57 (now 70!) other charities and community groups, we have… Rning invites Jacinda Ardern, Grant Robertson and Carmel Sepuloni to lift themselves out of poverty by increasing income assistance before Christmas. Click here for more details on billing, a breakdown of our rate claims and frequently asked questions. After a vote open to all teachers to authorize the comparison, NZEI Te Riu-Supports employees will then vote on an amendment to their collective agreement to include the comparison. All teachers are then placed on a new pay scale on the basis of a new correct work matrix.

Join us by sharing and appreciating these images that contain the logos of all our supporters with an open letter ✊🔥 school assistants voted in favour of the adoption of the Ministry of Education`s collective agreements. Apart from the above requirements, the parties decide what is stipulated in the collective agreement (unless the employment agency is invited and agrees to set the terms of the contract). When the employer offers individual terms to the employee, the employer must negotiate in good faith and give the worker the time and opportunity to advise himself independently, such as when an employer offers an individual employment contract to a worker. A collective agreement is the formal employment contract that was ratified and signed after collective bargaining. The agreement defines the terms of employment of union members whose work is covered by the coverage clause of the agreement. For too long, the crucial work of school staff has been undervalued and uncertain from one semester to the next. This year is different. This is the First offer from the Ministry of Education since the expiry of the collective agreements of the coaching staff in July. Collective agreements indicate the date on which they come into force. You can indicate that different parts of the agreement come into force on different dates. If no date is indicated, it will come into effect on the date the last party signs it.

Many of our support workers are specialists who work with children with disabilities and their children to ensure that they have access to a fair education.

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