Skyrim Peace Agreement

Once the peace conference begins, the Dragonborn receives a multitude of options, most often related to the page taken in the Quest Line of the Civil War. The Dragonborn tries to blackmail the help of the Jarl Balgruuf to the Grand; However, the jarl will say that he cannot try to catch a dragon while Whiterun is threatened with attack. He says that if a peace treaty between the Imperials and assault coats can be concluded, it will help catch and keep a dragon. The jarl will also propose to speak with grey beards, because both General Tullius and Ulfric Stormcloak respect them very much. They then had to convince both Ulfric (at the Palace of the Kings in Windhelm) and Tullius (at Dour Castle in Solitude) to participate in the ceasefire negotiations. You can talk to both leaders in both cases using the dialogue option “I have a gray beard message” (if this dialogue option is lacking, see the notes). They will offer a multitude of options for dialogue, depending on the course of the civil war and the agreement of the other leader to attend the Council. Everyone has a persuasive possibility that is the quickest to convince them; However, any selection will ultimately result in an option that will confirm that they “will come to the Peace Council.” Talking to Ulfric is a little easier because he can be successfully convinced as long as your language skills are at least 25 years old; Tullius needs a language of 50 to be convinced. Esbern: “Stop! Are you so blind to our danger that you can`t see your little differences? We sit here and argue about… nothing! While the country`s destiny is in limbo! Ulfric Stormcloak: “Is he with you, Delphine?” If so, I advise you to tell him to pay attention to his language. Delphine: “He`s with me. And I advise you both to listen to what he has to say before you do something hastily. Esbern: “You don`t understand the danger?” Don`t you understand what the return of dragons means? Alduin`s back! The ice of the world! Even today, he devours the souls of your fallen comrades! It becomes more powerful with all the soldiers killed in your senseless war! Can`t you put aside for a moment your hatred of this mortal danger? Elenwen: “It`s a beautiful speech, but what does it feel like… General Tullius: “That`s enough of you. Ulfric Stormcloak: “Shut up.” General Tullius: “I don`t know anything about the end of the world, but this dragon situation is out of reach.

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