Agreement Self Government

Inuvialuit autonomy is an indigenous model of self-management. It will not imply any role of public government in the agreement. The agreement will establish a practical way to implement the inherent right to autonomy and give the Inuvialuit the tools it needs to set its own priorities and make decisions about its future. By bringing decision-making closer to the Community, the programmes and services developed and provided can be better adapted to Inuvialuit`s needs. The Inuvialuit government will have a Constitution and will be accountable to its own citizens. Aboriginal peoples practiced their own forms of government for thousands of years before European and other settlers arrived in today`s Canada. These forms of government reflected the economic, social and geographic diversity of indigenous peoples, as well as their cultural practices and spiritual convictions. Self-determination is a fundamental principle of autonomy, of the treaty process and is also reflected in the UN declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples. Autonomy is part of the basis of a renewed relationship and a path of development and economic growth that brings benefits to indigenous peoples.

Although it is a fairly comprehensive document, substantive issues still need to be negotiated. Detailed preparation is required before a final agreement can be signed and submitted to the recipients for approval by a vote. For example, there are important details about the structure of government and its relationship with the IRC that have yet to be confirmed. Similar agreements, such as a financing agreement, a tax treatment agreement and an implementation plan, must also be negotiated. There is no model for self-administration; Each First Nation establishes its own unique self-management agreement. The rules of self-management may include: Treaties will replace band governments imposed by Indian law with a state authority for all citizens of a nation. Each contract determines who is eligible and who can be registered.

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