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The service manager is responsible for monitoring the elements necessary to initiate the service. LoM2HiS (Metrics to High Level Level Level Agreement) is a resource-level validation system that provides an average value for converting resource metrics into parameters placed in a high-level service. It provides resources that are automatically manageable, in turn it will synchronize the supply of low-level resources with SLO. The service provider uses this system to maintain the quality of the services mentioned in ALS [ 2 ]. It is an integral part of the FoSII (Foundations of Self-governing ICT Infrastructures) project In this article, attempts are made to review the concept of cloud computing at the same time as the level specification service, which is an integral part of the cloud workflow. Metrics and settings are tried to record a service model. He also focused on some issues that have not yet been resolved and remain hot as a research topic. Finally, it could be said that a perfect ALS specification, mentioned in this document, could be a perfect model for agreement with a business relationship between the service consumer and the service provider. The purpose of this paper is to examine service level agreements (SLAs) in retail and to use empirical data to draw conclusions about the relationship between ALS parameters and retailers` financial performance. The service evaluation manager only predicts the inoperative behavior of an assigned entire compound service.

When ALS is known and all addictions to the lower level are resolved, it is designated as being fully specified [ 3 ]. Web Service Level Agreement (WSLA): Specifying and monitoring ALS for wsLA services is a language-based framework developed by IBM [ 12 ]. WSLA defines the obligation between service providers and service consumers. It is based on a formal XML language to carry service level chords and architecture to interpret this language eventually. In the event of non-compliance with ALS, it works on the guarantees of the agreed service requirements that must be met, for example.B. it regularly informs the customer of the service provided. However, WSLA is subject only to the common agreed design of a service between service providers and service consumers. As a general rule, it is necessary to translate the requirement for a WSLA into system-level configurable information that could be held by an interested party. Service providers and service consumers can use WSLAs to set up their own system for providing and monitoring their services [ 12].

An important aspect of WSLA is its ability to deal with the specifics of certain fields and technologies. Web Service Offering Languages (WSOL): Web Service Offering Language is an XML-based language that is compatible with web service language (WSDL). WSOL describes some functions that are not officially described by WSDL. It is used for monitoring and management specification to reduce maturity load [13]. WSOL is a respectable language used for classroom services when formal specifications are required. different restrictions on management instruction for web services. According to [13], a comparison between WSDL and WSOL is presented in Figure 6. SLA can be defined from different angles such as web services, networking, Internet, Data Management Center, etc. Although they vary from field to field, it is true that the overall functionality of all service level agreements is almost identical and therefore also applies to cloud computing. Chen, C.-M.

(. (2018), “A review and analysis of service level agreements and chargebacks in the retail industry,” The International Journal of Logistics Management, Vol. bilateral protocol: this is a good type of negotiating mechanism for the pre-resource pool presented by Srikumar Buyya [ 1 ]. It is based on Rubinsteins Alternating offer protocol for negotiating service level agreements between the parties. It can be amended by any party in order to obtain a contract agreed upon by mutual agreement.

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